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Bell, Jane Erwin
Bell, Jane Erwin

The degree of consanguinity among the old Southern backcountry was very great...Hence by 1800 any given individual was likely to be a cousin, in one degree or another, to practically everybody within a radius of thirty miles around him. And his circle of kin, of course, overlapped more or less with the next, and that in turn with the next beyond, and so on in an endless web, through the whole South. W. J. Cash, as quoted by Carolyn Billingsley, Communities of Kinship.

The southeastern Dickinsons here descend from John and Rebeckah Dickinson of Colonial Bertie, North Carolina, and form the nucleus of those families represented here. Their migration across the cotton frontier joined them with other families whose rich histories trace from the medieval thrones of Europe to the council fires of the proud Mvskoke, a uniquely American story.


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